With the Bratus shower room, experience a comfortable and safe bath every day

Bratus bathroom focus on shower room for 20 years, we continue to explore and innovate, take user experience as the center, interpret the perfect brand connotation with action, and achieve the leading brand of shower room in China.

With the continuous upgrading experience of Bratus shower room, it not only subverts people's cognition of shower room, but also allows people to bring pleasant and comfortable shower enjoyment for customers who pursue quality life. For consumers with increasing living standards, the shower room is not only a place to wash away dirt, but also a "secret world" for body and mind to relax and enjoy life.


When it comes to Bratus shower room, most people think that it is just a simple glass + metal structure combination, but Bratus has completely changed people's basic cognition, we will make the shower room into a home art, while meeting the needs of dry and wet separation of the bathroom, improve the decoration grade of the entire bathroom, and become one of the symbols of high-quality home life.

In order to improve the beauty, Bratus designers deduce the rich everything in the world in the shower room, through the gorgeous appearance to reach the heart, they draw inspiration from ancient and modern Chinese and foreign artistic masterpieces, apply it to the product, so that the shower room becomes a fashion, art.

Bratus bathroom focus on shower room 20 years, we continue to pioneering and innovation, user experience as the center, with action interpretation of the perfect brand connotation, the achievement of China's shower room leading brand, the future will continue to improve, with the strength to lead the shower room industry to flourish, to the world.