The design style of Bratusi Bathroom is characterized by a simple and elegant shower enclosure space

The grand style of Bratusi Bathroom features a clean and generous design in which black and white combination is a classic and timeless choice.

What are the design styles of Bratus bathroom design?

Presumably many people who will carry out bathroom decoration are not very clear about these. However, it is important to understand this information about bathroom design for bathroom decoration.

1, atmospheric style: the design of the bathroom is simple and generous, black and white collocation is a classic combination, but also not outdated collocation. The design of its large space highlights the dignity and atmosphere of the owner, while its large area of daylighting design allows the bathroom to be flooded with sunlight. With four walls are bamboo curtain like decoration, can make the whole space feel simple and cool, and feel full of natural breath, in fashion and noble, the atmosphere permeates the natural simplicity and tranquility.

2, charming style: with fuchsia and white as the main tone to bring out the charming and elegant atmosphere, clean and clean with charm. The design is exquisite and unique, outlining a very feminine fashion sense. One side of the floral arrangement, the cool texture of the transparent glass vase with soft pink flowers, showing the charm and style of the hostess, but also make this sexy atmosphere of the space without elegance.

3, naturalism: even if the area of the bathroom is not very large, it can be designed chic. The partition is cleverly used to separate the washroom area from the shower area, which fully demonstrates the cleanliness and order of the toilet, and makes the space use more flexible and compact; The application of wooden waterproof floor reflects the natural and generous of the whole bathroom; The color is still pure, with a large area of white and lemon, looking clean and youthful.

4, dignified style: The bathroom is mainly made of wooden materials, which makes people feel stable and dignified. Water gives people the feeling of always tolerant and mild, older people more successful career, family and beauty, ups and downs have also experienced, many things have been light, people's character temperament has become calm, want to express just a straightforward tolerance. So the heavy down-to-earth wooden bathroom is very suitable for you in the precipitation.

Bratus Bathroom is designed to create a comfortable high-end shower room space for you and your family.