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Bratus bathroom science: small apartment shower room practical decoration guide

If your home is small, then this shower room decoration guide, hurry to collect it, very practical!!

Introducing you to BURATUS, the German brand renowned for its high-end custom sunken shower enclosures.

The sunken shower enclosure series by BURATUS, a renowned German brand in the bathroom industry, has gained significant recognition in today’s market. The sunken design is a remarkable feature that provides consumers with a completely new experience. This

The Story of BURATUS Bratus

BURATUS is a brand originating from Hamburg, Germany, founded by BURATUS Adenauer. Adenauer was an outstanding craftsman, but he decided to give up traditional work and pursue a more creative industry, so he devoted himself to a new career in shower rooms

German quality, BURATUS collaborates with Xiamen Island's Sixth Space International Home Furnishings Store

Exciting news from Bratus, Germany: BURATUS is partnering with Xiamen Island's Sixth Space International Home Furnishing Store! As a leading German brand in fashion bathroom, BURATUS is widely acclaimed in the industry for its excellent quality and unique